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in to a press conference held by the german chancellor angela merkel as well as the u.k. prime minister david cameron, the two leaders speaking just a few moments ago in 10 downing street in london in the u.k. here's just a few of the highlights of what they said. they spoke about a range of international issues, including britain's tie the with the european union and suggested reforms by the u.k. to the e.u. before a referendum on britain says membership. they spoke about the northern secreti r.a. deals. on the issue of ukraine, cameron said that britain supports a united and democratic ukraine and every country should respect the sovereignty. he's particularly concerned about the situation in crimea and said russia should respect the territorial integrity of the country and the world will be watching. angela merkel on the issue of ukraine said germany will be doing everything it can to support the new government and reiterating what cameron said about the territorial integrity and germany respecting the territory of ukraine. that's what happened a few minutes ago in london. >> let's update
. angela merkel said that that could hold back the peace process. -- she saidor an eu that calls for an eu boycott of israeli products go too far. >> that will not promote the peace process. negotiations are the way forward. >> she was later prevented -- presented with israel's highest civilian honor. germany will offer consular services to israelis in countries where israel has no diplomatic relations. inturkey's prime minister one came under -- he came under increased pressure due to perceived corruption. there are tapes depicting conversations between the prime minister and his son. they discussed hiding millions of dollars in cash from turkish investigators. the recordingsat were fake. fabricated inere an attempt to destabilize his government. they triggered fresh protests. 's government has been fighting allegations of corruption since september. militants killed 59 people at a school. most of the victims were children. witnesses say that militants set fire to a locked dormitory at the school. as people tried to escape through the windows, the attacker shot at them. he slid the birth
. the german chancellor angela merkel is just about to make a rare address on the merits of eu membership to boat houses of parliament. we'll bring you her speech live. >>> also in the program, aaron is here. more problems for the flying kangaroo. >> it is just getting tougher for qantas. they bleed more cash. one in seven jobs they have to go. the airline is begging the deposit for more support. we'll take a look at what's crippling the big roo. >> hello. thanks for joining us on "gmt". midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, 1:00 p.m. in ukraine where the acting president has warned that any movement by russian troops outside their naval base in crimea will be seen as an act of aggression. his comments come after armed men seized the parliament and administration buildings in the capital simferopol. moscow has agreed the personal safety of the ousted president viktor yanukovych. our correspondent duncan crawford begins our coverage. >> this is potentially the start of the much bigger conflict. crimea's russia said the sign in front of the parliament. armed gunmen have seized the
primary. we will bring that to you later. but first, world leaders are wondering if angela merkel is right and that vladimir putin has lost touched with reality. and hillary clinton just made her first public comments about the crisis in ukraine. >> major developments today in the volatile crisis in ukraine. >> russian troops amass in crimea. >> vladimir putin denies they're even russian. >> it was a bit of a rambling press conference to be honest. >> he really denied there were troops in crimea? >> what russia did was wrong and i will not sit here and apologize or defend military aggression. >> so, you know, what are the real options? >> there is little appetite in the u.s. or europe to get involved militarily. >> is there an exit ramp approaching? >> providing this off ramp. >> this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrived. >> kerry's arrival coin sides with a proposed pact -- >> will europe go along with the united states to make it truly effective? >> there's not a clear black and white. >> that's because europe and the u.s. aren't entirely on the same page. >> merkel basically q
hollande in france and from cameron, but where was angela merkel. for two days we did not hear a strong german response. germany has the strongest economic leverage and european leverage on vladimir putin. then get the readout from the white house that angela merkel told the president after a conversation with putin, chancellor merkel told mr. obama on telephone, she was not sure putin was in touch with reality. people briefed on the call said in another world quoting merkel. what is that? >> it's a remarkable readout of what angela merkel allegedly said in these calls and their engageme engagement, her foreign minister had been part of the three that had gone to negotiate with yanukovych in kiev and secured the deal. so angela merkel's silence at the beginning may have been the other -- in another direction, that to a certain degree part of the criticism of what happened in kiev is that the legislature went too far. that they undid the deal with yanukovych that would not have given putin an opportunity to say, see, they are not following arrangements in terms of an appropriate challeng
of government. >> angela merkel expected to call for a stronger european union and her visit to the u.k.. they will address both houses of parliament and have tea with her majesty, the queen. canadian pop star justin bieber has been released showing him walking unsteadily during a sobriety test in his arrest in miami in january. he has pled not guilty and driving with an invalid license. welcome back to "countdown." >> 631 a.m. in london. testifying before a senate committee on the role in tax evasion. insisted this conduct was limited to a handful of employees. hans nichols as the details from berlin. good morning. ritual to these hearings. or anyllenge to dougan, executive, is to be contrite but not give away ground to hurt shareholders. on this one key point on whether anyone would be held accountable, you kept hearing them press the question. >> how many culpable officers in key executives have you held accountable or fire the? >> we determined to shut this business down. over the course of the first two years after that i'm a we basically reduce the size of the business by about
cameron of britain. there's chancellor angela merkel of germany. you can see stephen harper of canada, the president of france, but this guy over here in the blue shirt, that is not vladimir putin. vladimir putin that day was home washing his hair. he sent the prime minister instead. he did not care to attend the g-8 summit. kicking a nation out of the g-8 is a big deal. watching what is going on in the world right now, it does not seem reasonable to conclude, however, that vladimir putin much cares about the g-8. it doesn't seem reasonable to conclude that vladimir putin cares more about the g-8 than he does about ukraine. and as president putin considers to be consolidating or at least escalating his military adventure into crimea, as he considers whether or not he's going to push russian troops even further beyond crimea into other parts of ukraine, would any of the options available to not just the united states but the international community actually make a difference? would any of the options that were on the table right now be enough to push russia hard enough and indeed fast
and russia's money. >>> and angela merkel emerges as a major player in resolving this crises. we'll take a look at the dynamic between angela merkel and vladimir putin. en it's donut fre office i use my citi thankyou card to get two times the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to miami...and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn two times the points on dining out with no annual fee. go to citi.com/thankyoucards. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! >>> this is cnn breaking news. >>> and it's just coming into cnn. nato now saying its entire relationship with russia is under review. this follows a meeting between the nato and russian top officials. in a statement, nato secretary general said the organization has, quote, the entire range of nato/russia cooperation under review. see what happens on that front. >>> a sigh of relief for global markets today as some of t
angela merkel to form a fact-finding mission on the ukrainian crisis. vladimir putin insists that they have a right to protect their citizens, including the use of military action when necessary. frederick is covering the meeting for us. what can europe do in this crisis >> you heard john kerry yesterday morning about the international community being ready for sanctions against , politically and economically. now european foreign ministers say that they will surely use strong words to condemn russia's military appointments in the .kraine polish prime minister's this morning discussed the consequences of russia's military deployment, without giving more detail. rather than sanctions, today's meeting in brussels is likely to end with high-level mediation in the ukraine. angela merkel spoke yesterday of president putin and proposed setting up a fact-finding mission in the ukraine to establish a political dialogue , possibly shaping the needs for organization and security in europe. >> you are also looking at how they can support the new leadership in key of -- he have -- key an
dollars to buy the yuan. angela merkel is expected to call for a stronger european union during her visit to the u.k. today. the german chancellor arrives in london later. she will address both houses of parliament and have tea with her majesty, the queen. >> i think she is going to try to convince the u.k. to stay in europe. that there are more advantages to stay in than to get out. you can't really pick what you like and not take the rest. i think that is the main message. yatsenyuk won the support of ukraine protesters in kiev to the an interim cabinet and averted a fraud. he says lawmakers are set to approve him as prime minister today. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is formulating a $1 billion loan guarantee for the ukraine. kerry also warned against intervention by russia. kiev inlcote is in independence square last night. he filed this report. >> welcome to kiev's independence square, a place that nearly a week after the ousting of former president yanukovych remains the center of power in this country. that is something that is very much on display today in independen
chancellor, angela merkel. she told mr. obama after speaking with mr. putin, she was not sure he was in touch with reality. people briefed on the call said, in another world. >> that jumped off to me as well. i was very, very disturbed by that. whatever we might think of putin and he is obviously neither a democrat nor does he run a first world economy. there has been so much that's gone on in russia that simply defy international procedures and norms that people have thought, he may be mack vel yan but at least he is rational. if angela merkel, who may there, they have the most leverage. if angela merkel is saying that he may not be in touch with reality, that is a very scary position to be in. right now, the west has to start ratcheting up its leverage and its economic leverage, its trade leverage. ukraine and russia is heavily integrated into the western economy nd athings will hurt it. you heard chris steep romance report, not only is his stock market and his ruble has plunged. it could be equally scary. he could outmaneuver the rest. >> it is not just what happens in ukraine and russia.
chancellor angela merkel. the two speaking an hour about the developing crisis. this dramatic video does tell it all russian and union crew rainyian troops firing each other. both the violence and political tension escalating by the minute. for the very latest we go to live in ukraine. what's going on? well i'm here in kiev. what is happening seems to be crew rainyian side has attempted all attempts by putin tries to provoke choosing a fire fight which would ahim to justify his invasion of crimea and to try to justify an invasion of other parts of the ukraine. >> do you have the sense that this is getting worse? because we are looking at this video and we see, you know, this is obviously video of -- that is not live video but the increasing violence that we are hearing about and tensions. do you have a sense increasing or decreasing there on the ground? >> i'm -- the longer there hasn't actually been an invasion the more people aren't optimistic they get the feeling there went be invasion. people have thought this thing is a little bit crazy. i have compared it to drunk person in a bar trying
. german chancellor angela merkel is trying to work out a potential resolution between russian and ukrainian forces. it calls for russian troops to pull out of the crimean peninsula region. international inspectors would be allowed in to prevent human rights violations there. president obama says he will not attend the g-8 summit in sochi unless the situation is resolved. earlier today russian president vladimir putin said russia has no desire to fight the ukrainian people, but still reserves the right to use force. >>> students at montgomery college will notice more police on campus tomorrow. somebody found a threatening message on a wall at the campus center last week. that note read "school shooting" and it mentioned the date, march 5th, which is tomorrow. police are reminding people on campus to report any suspicious activity. >>> new tonight, virginia state senator creigh deeds is reacting to the resignation of the head of behavioral health. bevilacqua handed in his resignation on march 1. he said the state interfered with the investigation into deed's son gus. bevilacqua
. >> and the president also spoke with german chancellor angela merkel. do you know much about that conversation? >> reporter: they spoke for an hour, anderson. one thing that did come up during the phone call is according to a senior administration official the german chancellor is working on an off ramp to get putin out of the crisis and out of crimea or at least to get the russian forces back into their base in crimea and what that off ramp involves is bringing in international observers to basically look after the interest of ethnic russians, a key putin concern. by the way, administration officials say that concern is bogus at this point. ethnic russians aren't being threatened in ukraine and willing to put in observers and merkel is almost acting like a intermediary between the president and vladimir putin at this point according to the senior administration official. >> i also understand the white house -- there was a white house official disputed the notion that vladimir putin was somehow unhinged. how would they describe putin, his state of mind? >> reporter: well, at this point, anders
to the key european player in all of this, german chancellor angela merkel, and he told democrats at a fundraising dinner last night, "we may be able to deescalate over the next days and weeks, but it's a serious situation and we're spending a lot of time on it." at a budget event yesterday, he struck a similar tone. >> president putin is pausing for a moment and reflecting on what's happened. there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. i know president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> i want to bring in former u.s. ambassador to russia and msnbc analyst michael mcfull. good to see you, mr. mooambassa. >> good morning. >> i want to start with the meeting between secretary kerry and the russian counterpart, sergey lavrov. we also had the phone call the president had with angela merkel, but let me start with kerry and lavrov. what do they say to each other? what's critical right now? >> first of all, the fact they are meeting is a good sign. they ha
chancellor angela merkel reportedly saying in a private phone call that vladimir putin was living in another world. angela merkel said little publicly. and appears to be by design. behind the scenes angela merkel is at the center of quiet diplomacy. russia and germany have strong economic ties. germany is the biggest importer of russian gas and oil, some coming through ukrainian pipelines and russia accounts for 36 of gas production. angela merkel and vladimir putin maintained a strong business like relationship. vladimir putin speaks german after having been stationed in dressden. analysts say they seem to respect each other's toughness. putin and angela merkel spoke several times, recently when putin agreed with angela merkel's proposal to open dialogue with russia and ukraine's government. a negotiated solution will help germany's economy as much as any other in europe. since the collapse of the soviet union no country has benefitted more than eastern europe and russia. several countries, poland and others serb as production centers for -- serve as production centres. while the president
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, an interesting conversation that took place between angela merkel and vladimir putin whereputin -- putin was doing a little saber rattling, don't forget he sells you all your gas. that is critical to the russian economy and the russian economy is so heavily geared toward hydrocarbon. >> 20% of the export revenue comes from gas. there is real exposure for both of them if we get these kind of trade sanctions. but i really think that is the key. you can't really hurt russia on the gas side without ridding europe as well. >> the market i did not consider that could be exposed, the london housing market. if you were to put sanctions on a whole series of russian oligarchs -- >> where would they put their money? previously wanted exposure -- or have free movement of capital in and out of the u.k. -- estate agents are nervous this morning. >> may be. and the super prime. >> evidently in the super prime end. let's discuss the international reaction. let's get more focus on it. our europe editor david tweed is in berlin following the latest. let's talk first of all about where you walk, the reacti
an unflattering shadow on angela merkel. she was there to get the medal of presidential distinction. one click of the shutter from another direction and everyone is talking about the picture's resemblance to a less popular leader. on twitter, if at any point you feel unlucky today, just remind yourself you're not angela merkel, unless you are angela merkel. and, oh, heil no. >>> conventional wisdom moves fast here in washington, and right now, when you ask most political pundits, hillary clinton as the democratic nominee in 2016 is winning the cw award. but what happens if hillary does not run? here's chief political correspondent carl kemp. >> leading every poll of potential candidates, hillary clinton drew a standing room only crowd for the annual awards for advancing women in peace and security. >> when wumen are excluded and margin marginalized, we all suffer. >> she speaks at the university of miami tonight. she's conspicuously discouraged supporters from boosting her canddouse. the super pac priorities usa is now officially fund-raising for clinton 2016 and holds its first big gathering
. >> and phil ittner is stopping by live in kiev. i know that german chancellor angela merkel spoke with vladimir putin a short time ago. what can you tell us about that conversation? >> jonathan, we are told from the german government that in that conversation angela merkel urged president putin to respect the integrity of ukraine and apparently they discussed the possibility of a fact-finding mission possibly led by the osc, the organization for security cooperation in europe. we are hearing and seeing in kiev a government that appears to be in a state of disarray. they are pretty much new to this. many of these poll terns, they are not -- politicians, they are not career politicians. the prime minister in kiev has appointed 18 new regional governors, many swept out during the ouster. so they need to rebuild an infrastructure or governance. there is criticism that at least two of those regional governors will be oligarchs, people that can wheel and deal with the power of their money. it may hold, but at the same time others say that may be what ukraine need to get a government up
to handle russia considering that germany is crucial to any solution. giving angela merkel plenty of room to maneuver with putin to try to reach a deal. >> david shuster with us thanks. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu wrapped up a meeting, saying he's ready for a historic peace deal. libby casey with more now from washington. >> reporter: prime minister netanyahu talked about his concerns about iran's path to developing a nuclear weapon. iran is trying to open up with more with what iran is doing and slow down its development process. but prime minister netanyahu said a lot is needed. he wants to see destruction of the heavy water reactor and see centerfuges to be dismantled. he wants iran to be open about its intentions. it's not just about iran getting a nuclear weapon but iran should not have the capacity to make a nuclear weapon, and israel should not be the only one to be worried. >> iran's missiles already can reach israel. those missiles they're building, they are not intended for us. do you remember that beer commercial, this bud is for you. when you see russian buildin
spoke today with german chancellor angela merkel for about an hour by phone. they're working on what they're describing as an off-ramp for vladimir putin, a diplomatic off-ramp, so the russian president can de-escalate, in their words. hopeful signs, according to the administration. they are saying that they see that putin possibly could take a pause here, and they're trying to structure something to allow him to do that. still no time table, according to this senior administration official. on economic sanctions, and absolutely no time table on any military action or even talking about it. charles. >> this is astonishing. on the one hand, they're unable -- our people, our leaders, to muster anything that the europeans will join that will hurt putin, and on the other hand, you're telling us that they are thinking that putin thinks he made a mistake, did make a mistake, and is looking for an off-ramp, and our real job is not to slap on sanctions and to push him out of crimea but to allow him some kind of diplomatic exit that will save the face. it's in tandem with what he said about i
in about 27 minutes. angela merkel began her speech to the british parliament by telling the audience that she has come to disappoint them. should not weigh in on the debate over u.k. and the eu membership, she said the country shared responsibility to make europe stronger and more competitive. were the comments well received by lawmakers? certainly those under expecting angela merkel to arrive in london with a list of concessions that she was ready to give to the u.k.. they would certainly have been disappointed. she did have one message that .hey could've agreed with >> we need a strong united kingdom with a strong voice inside of the european union. we have that, we will be able to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all. her sameere you have something which is actually on the platform of all three major political parties. that the european union could do with some changes just to get a bit stronger. >> as the german chancellor, i see britain as an important ally in this endeavor. the european union must become stronger, it must become more stable, more competitive. it mu
ambitions of the region. whatd you, this squares vladimir putin said to angela merkel. she told president barack obama that he does not see it the way we will just view the world. >> what cannot be done is for to put with impunity, its soldiers on the ground and --late basic red symbols runcible that are recognized around the world. condemnationrong that it is received from world countries and dictates that russia is on the wrong side of history on this. strong words from president obama about not being on the wrong side of history, while russia's convinced it is on the right side of history. >> vladimir putin is trying to right the wrongs of recent history. he thinks that the breakup of the soviet union is the worst thing that happened to moscow and he is trying to reassert russian influence where he can, and where he can russian control. when the russian army invaded parts of russian georgian regions, it is the same dynamic at play here in ukraine. even though vladimir putin says that they are allowed to choose their own future, clearly he is showing that moscow intends to have its say
, at least the most able to talk to him leader to leader, is angela merkel who you see here on your screen. angela merkel, the chancellor of germany. nobody quite knew what to make of it when she reportedly finished a long telephone call with vladimir putin a couple days ago and after that call picked up the phone again to call president obama because she wanted to tell president obama that having spent a whole lot of time on the phone with vladimir putin, she wanted president obama to know that in her opinion, "vladimir putin is in another world." she said he didn't seem like he was in touch with reality. in another world. now, was that just how he seemed to angela merkel in that conversation? was he just being particularly weird or loopy to her for some reason? was she saying that strategically to try to influence something about how the west was behaving toward russia in this international crisis? what did that mean for her to say that putin sounded like a space cadet when she talked to him on the phone about what he was doing in crimea? today those questions were largely settled when m
? >> there's not much in terms of leading, because angela merkel did speak to president putin last night. she put out a statement, but we're not seeing her make anything like the same sort of statements we are getting from the united states, in particular from john kerry. i was on a conference call yesterday with the atlantic council, and nicholas burns who is a harvard professor, he's a nato. ambassador to there are three things that the international community could do. one is a concerted voice condemning russia. secondly, international aid. third, hit russia in the pocketbook. we saw the statement that came out of the g8 last night. they condemned what russia is doing, and they said that they would support any aid efforts. that is the second thing, is the imf's team going off to the ukraine this week. i should inc. that we probably will get some sort of announcement about what we will get there -- i should think that we would get some sort of announcement. one wonders how effective they are going to be. >> i guess it depends how they are targeted and who the are targeted at. maybe they ar
. i don't know what angela merkel said in the phone call but the fact is she did call and at the end she said this guy needs to get on his meds essentially what she said. >> that would be a better right. is he right? >> i would be very unhappy to see him wavering. the europeans can't even agree with president obama that we need to slow down on the g-8 that's going to be taking place in sochi. i think that's very troubling. i also think a lot of our nato allies are very, very worried. some of them have substantial russian minorities. they've asked for nato to come in and talk about that. they want to be sure that we're going to stand with them if the russians start threatening them. and we're really not making a show of strength, either here, frankly, or in nato. >> i'll toss to both of you. putin's not out of touch with ra reality. putin is looking at the europeans being frightened, looking at their economies, being afraid of what he's going to do to their supply of natural gas. and putin's calculus is, he can run over all of us, because we're not going to get together. and i think i
>> reporter: one day after the president spoke with german chancellor angela merkel about a diplomatic offramp to russia, she pitched up to putin. the word of the day was de-escalate. >> our ultimate goal was to de-escalate. >> reporter: whether it was jack lew warning of sanctions in russia or the pentagon's top brass on plans for nato to beef up its presence in eastern europe. >> we want to provide nato's leaders with options that stabilize but not escalate tensions in the ukraine. >> reporter: the only escalation in sight was between republicans and the administration. with john mccain accusing the intelligence community of missing putin's designs on crimea. >> another massive failure because of our misreading -- total misreading of the intentions of vladimir putin. >> i said that early last week we were well aware of the threats. >> can you think of any place in the world, any place where we're better off now than we were when he came to office? >> reporter: administration officials say they're still looking at an initial round of sanctions to impose against russian ta
putin's mind. angela merkel offered her own assessment. she said she wasn't sure he was in touch with reality, according to "the new york times." she reportedly said he was, quote, in another world. >> he really believes president putin, that somehow crimea is until danger from what the russians call terrorists who are in kiev. this means maybe he's not as well briefed on the situation as he could be. >> reporter: others believe putin is very much in touch with the reality he sees, the upheaval in ukraine. >> putin wants to restore the russian empire, which ukraine is the crowned jewel. >> reporter: and crimea is the shining core of that crowned jewel, a region crucial, analysts say, for two reasons. to putin's goal of uniting the people once under soviet's control and for access to the black sea. what also drives the former kgb colonel is an open resentment of the way the cold war ended. >> he said in 2005 is the fall of the soviet union. >> reporter: analysts say he sees america and its allies as a threat to that. >> to the degree i think that he's paranoid, it is that he sees
. >> interesting. what's the intrigue over germany's leader angela merkel emerging as a key player here? >> you'll remember in recent weeks the president clashed with angela merkel over nsa surveillance, reports that angle, a merkel's cell phone had been eavesdropped on, listened to by u.s. officials. there was a lot of patching up that needed to be done. yesterday there was a phone call of about an hour in which the president talked with angela merkel to work through what the white house is calling a diplomatic exit ramp here for vladimir putin to calm the situation down in ukraine. the reason being germany is a key partner with russia, a lot of economic ties and the like. bottom line defense secretary chuck hagel said today at that hearing, pushed back on john mccain saying mp needs to calm down and the president is handling the situation. >> live at the white house. thanks much. >>> former defense secretary bob gates dismissing some republicans who are accusing the president of being weak and indecisive suggesting they are pushing him to make a quick decision that ultimately might not be the
as angela merkel, chance lore of germany? she seems lessen client to take these steps. >> disappointment to me, whether be german and noninvolvement in libya. it's been germany. the greatest and strongest nation in europe, and they have backed off of everything. very disappointed in her comments. and by the way, maybe putin also, who knows angela merkel, thinks he can get away with this. >> probably does. >> and my question is who is next and what's next? europe ukraine you were talking about. there will there be mayors in eastern ukraine saying our allegiance is with russia, we're inviting the russians in, and if there is some acts of violence, then therefore that's being used as excuses. this is a very dangerous business we're in. but we have to bested fast. and it's all got to do with our presentation of what's acceptable for russia to do and not. and right now, nobody knows what that is. key decision in the history of this administration was i'm going to strike syria, and then backing off of it. that sent a message all over the world. >> the president does say on those chemical weap
union countries, germany, angela merkel on the same page when it comes to sanctions and punitive measures in ukraine and crimea. the biggest challenge is to get both republicans and democrats on the same page, back home near in the united states but also the european allies on the same page and back up the words with tough sanctions and countermeasures. >> the criticism has come not just from people like john mccain, but the conservative new republican wrote about the october 2012 presidential debate and which you'll remember the president criticized mitt romney for saying russia was one of the u.s.'s greatest global threats. let's remind you about that. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize al qaeda is a threat, because a few months ago you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat, you said russia, not al qaeda, russia. the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because the cold war's been over for 20 years. >> i'm not going to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to russia or mr. putin and say to him, i'll give you more flexibility aft
is definitely on ukraine. president obama and german chancellor angela merkel did have a conversation today. apparently chancellor merkel called putin out of touch. pro-russian protesters in ukraine, no shots fired, obviously, there is a cheer danger of conflict. at the -- clear danger of conflict. 16,000 russian troops have moved into crimea the past week, 6,000 this past we'll weekend. those soldiers are surrounding airports military bases, black sea fleet apparently blocking ukrainian naval vessels from the black sea and demanding ukrainian sailors lay down their arms. the the security council, ambassador vitaly cherkin sent a letter asking to protect ethnic russians who live in ukraine. >> it is the people of ukraine who ultimately are going to restore peace and political process and democracy in ukraine. our concern is the possibility which we fear can be quite real of the violence which we have seen in the past two or three months in kiev and in southwestern and southern regions of ukraine can spread to the eastern and southern parts of ukraine and to the crimea. >> reporter: earlie
of the prime minister. britain, angela merkel is at westminster. she addresses both houses of parliament shortly before her visit to number 10 downing street. in the evening, she has an audience with queen elizabeth at buckingham palace. david cameron has promised an on europeanendum union membership, a move that has not endeared him with merk el. the first return visit by captain press -- captain francesco skip teeny -- francesco schettini. he is expected to board the now salvaged ship sometime thursday. a reminder of our headlines on live from paris. protecting the integrity of ukraine becomes the main focus for the new authorities in key have -- in kiev. leader,sed ukrainian viktor yanukovych, is supposed to have sought asylum in russia and have had -- and have had his request granted. in a statement thursday, he said he is still ukraine's president. israel is accused of using reckless violence in the west bank. that is according to amnesty international. israel says they are responding to an upsurge in violence. time for our special series on farming. france's biggest agricultural fa
by phone what german chancellor angela merkel. for more on the ground, two reports from british partners itn. the first from crimea. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the priest approached with a cross. the russian troops that arrived overnight, they were lined up on the hill where ukrainian forces normally train. come here, he cried, so they came forward hoping for blessing. what an extraordinary sight. an orthodox priest blessing the troops. it's happening just in a field outside. it's not as it seems, the priest is praying for peace, for russian troops to stand down, not to occupy his village. >> we, the wives and mothers, who protect our sons and fathers serving in the military, we pray for our ukrainian soldiers during military service. if they are peacekeepers why did they come armed. >> reporter: they were heavily armed to take up position around the ukrainian marine base. what looked like russian special forces, no insignia but carrying weapons with silencers start at the gate. the ukrainian flag still flew. the ukrainian marines presumably trapped inside. to local people it was bewildering.
in ukraine. susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> angela merkel. contact group opened dialogue and other nations working on a package of benefits to support ukraine's economy. in the u.s., some congressional republicans hit the talk shows calling on the obama administration to be more assertive with russia. >> in the bay area, more than a hundred demonstrators gathered in front of russian consulate in san francisco yesterday. it was the second straight day protesters showed up there urging russia to back off. >> we need the whole world to get up and say putin, please stop. that's not okay. you can't just invade territory with the forces without claiming war. >> kpix 5 tried to contact the local consulate yesterday but it was locked up and no one answered the phone. >>> san rafael police wrapping up search efforts for a 90-year- old man who was missing since yesterday. robert davis was last seen driving from the restaurant down the 101. he was heading towards northbound 101 which runs right by the restaurant. yesterday, police and volunteers put up flyers at businesses around downtown san rafael.
is not united on how to punish russia. in fact, europe's most important economic player, germany's angela merkel is reportedly worrying about pushing putin too heard. u.s. officials say merkel told president obama sunday night that after speaking to putin, she didn't think he was in touch with reality, saying putin was in another world. but why would putin play the aggressor, after spending more than $50 billion in sochi polishing russia's image? >> i think putin senses reluctance and even weakness in the united states, a desire not to get into any wars. >> reporter: that's a point the president's political opponents are seizing on today. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless american policy where nobody believes in america's strength anymore. >> reporter: andrea mitching, nbc news, andrew's air force base. >>> this is bill neely in the russian crimea where the russians are tightening their grip. they fought wars before, this time they didn't have to fight wars to take the region. this time they marched in and took the region in just three days. the russians marching across crimea seems r
to find a peaceful and diplomatic way to solve this crisis. >> certainly something that angela merkel and the germans have been pushing for over the last couple of days. we'll come back to you later in the show. joining us now is benwa ann from societe generale. you were saying yesterday that we need to take a central strategy here particularly where central europe is concerned. has your view changed given what we've heard about the troops in russia right now? >> the situation remains quite volatile. so it's probably too early to make a final call on this, as we discussed earlier the situation is evolving and we are still in much more on the bull markets. but you're right, from the headlines, from the military headlines and even from the central bank of russia that has stepped up its intervention to defend the ruble. >> 10 billion to 12 billion is liberal. do you think that's more about broader market sentiment than it is about what the central bank did yesterday? >> yesterday was not an appropriate response in my view. that was not enough. but what they have announced today is in mov
talked about a possible resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. it would allow russian troops to stay in cry nia but on their bases and they would make sure they were protected. he calls it a humanitarian mission. he also said he would really not a whole lot of reason judge big what putin's done in the past to think they're going to leave. >> the u.s. still considering economic sanctions against russia. now, u.s. troops will be part of this international observer. two from each of the 15 nations will be sent there. they're supposed to leave today. >> thank you, susan. >>> russia tested one of its intercontinental ballistic missiles. its dummy warhead landed at a test range in kazakhstan. russia had warned the u.s. as is required by the treaty. it had been postponed several times. russian president said such measures would be counterproductive. thoernlt mason reports. >> reporter: the threat of economic sanctions has not taken a tighter hold. do you think they're willing to let putin keep crimea? >> i don't think they have much of a choice. >> reporter: william parks is part of
wide sanctions on russia, but german chancellor angela merkel today president obama yesterday she's reluctant, because there are deep ties between the two economies and germany's very reliant on russian gas. so the u.s. may have to go it alone and sanction russia itself in the coming days. the e.u. did agree on one thing. a $15 billion aid package to this i is to pull ba >> yeah i think everybody gnizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in the neighboring state, that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside of that state. >> and this morning, russian president vladimir putin said that political tensions should not interfere with, in his words, our current economic cooperation. elizabeth palmer is in sevastopol sevastopol crimea. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: now that president putin has backed off on his option to expand the invasion the situation here in crimea has sort of devolve into a waiting game. this is just one of the military bases loyal to kiev. this may be a siege, but it's a
german gas consumption. german leader angela merkel has taken on a quiet diplomatic approach through phone conversation in moscow. in washington president obama's options are limited by congress. speaker of the house of representatives republican john boehner spoke with the u.s. stand off against russia against. >> the majority working with our committee chairs on a bailout package also working with them on possible dealing with sanctions that could strengthen the president's hand. >> reporter: the u.s. pledged $1 billion to cash-strapped ukraine tuesday as it's economic situation worsened. >> the state treasury is empty. and to unbelievable and unlimited corruption in my country we cannot collect the revenues in order to execute our social obligations. >> ukraine has issued short-term debt at right rates as high as 15%. the new governmentest states had needs $35 billion in rescue loans over the next two years. >> with the first efforts with a diplomatic solution failing in paris today what are the tools at the world's disposal if it decides to pressure russia over the occupation of
government that in that conversation between angela merkel, and vladimir putin, they discussed is number of things. angela merkel stressing upon the president that there needs to be a sustained integrity of ukraine's territory, something that the russians say will not happen because they are concerned about the crimean peninsula, because that's where the black sea fleet has been based. we hear that there's some discussion of monitoring group or inspection group that would go in of a joint russian european group based from the osce - that's the organization for security and cooperation in europe, which both the e.u. and russia are members. they could go in, they could take a look around crimea, see how things are going, potentially down the road some sort of moderating group, some sort of situation where there would be troops that would keep these eastern and western allied groups separate. it's far down the road. what we are hearing from germany is the possibility that there might be an international group looking at what is happening on the ground in crimea. >> one of the many possibili
the prime minister has called the leader of the opposition's new approach and the chancellor angela merkel's forthcoming visit, isn't there something we can learn from her about leaving broader approach to coalition building that we unite the whole country? he would have to give some red meat to them and red meat for us. it would have a huge advantage for all of us of leaving the liberal democrats where they belong. [laughter] admiration for angela merkel is enormous. there are many things that she has achieved that i would like to copy, not least getting reelected. the one thing i do not want to copy is the idea of a grand coalition is a bit too much for me. >> thank you, mr. speaker. what is best for the prime ,inister and government cooperation -- can you give assurance that those involved in criminality in northern ireland will not be in possession of a letter that there is passport to freedom? >> i think the gentleman makes an important point. i have been impressed with the work the crime agency is not doing. it is a huge improvement on its predecessor. it has got real strength in bei
get our allies to back us up and get that coalition? i might add at least angela merkel, german chancellor was said in the "new york times" that she had a conversation with president putin and after the conversation, she said that putin didn't seem to be in touch with reality. so, what can we expect from our most -- our major allies in this? >> not much. you know, of the idea that europe will agree to major economic sanctions, that's not living in reality. that's not going to happen. in fact, over here, the big story is a photograph of a briefing paper that britain's deputy national security advisor was carrying in to a meeting that shows britain's position is no nato action on the russian move into the crimea. and that britain will not support significant economic sanctions at this time. this is the editorial cartoon of today's london "times." it shows bare chested putin in his mussolini pose playing chess with three tanks on the chess board knocking over the chess pieces of barack obama, prime minister david cammeron and eu chief negotiator baronness ashton. that's how they se
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